Quick Note about July 4 Freedom Rally

It may rain.  This is Indiana, after all.  But don’t doubt that I’ll be driving all the way from Freedom, Indiana to be at the Governor’s Mansion on North Meridian just north of 46th Street at 10am.  I’m bringing my family and a box of Horning For Governor T-shirts. 

No, this rally isn’t about my candidacy.  It’s about you and your choices.

Let’s be clear on this:  You cannot delegate your life to politicians.  You have choices to make.  You tried letting politicians handle the “Property Tax Reform” issue, and look at what happened.  Political spending is up, taxes are up, prices are up, and you are still, in the minds of politicians, serfs.

If you want change right here, right now, you have to vote for it.  There is no shortcut, and no other way.  You must change what you’ve been doing if you want a different result.

What other choice is there?

Well, I suppose you can send me money J

Anyway, I’ll be there tomorrow.  I know lots of others will be there too.  I’m not going to say very much, since over the last fifteen years, I’ve already said what I have to say.  And, I am happy to report, reinforcements are here at last, fighting the same fight.

So others will speak, and you can speak out too. 

I think we’re finally coming to a consensus. 

The priced of oil by itself is not the issue.  Tax policy isn’t the issue.  Public funding to the Colts or mall builders or foreign companies isn’t the issue.  Illegal immigration isn’t the issue.  Rising crime and poverty and imprisonment and loss of homes aren’t the core issues either.  They’re all just symptoms.

The problem, the disease, the issue at hand and the heart of the matter is ungoverned government.  Power without limits.  Anarchy in an $800 suit.

And it’s time we put a leash on that monster.

Join us.  What better way could there be to honor the sacrifices of our forefathers?


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  2. […] are so upset with our government, and what we can do to change it. You can listen below, or read this from Andy’s blog:It may rain. This is Indiana, after all. But don’t doubt that […]

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