Just come out and say it, for goodness sake

For years now I’ve been called a “perennial,” “frequent” and even “habitual” candidate by people who won’t just come out and say what they mean.  

The fact, however, is that I have not run for office nearly as many times as most of our congressmen, senators, judges, dog catchers, etc.  

And yet do we call Richard Lugar a “perennial candidate?”  

Certainly not.  We call him “honorable.”

What the perennial, frequent and habitual cynics, blatherers, bloggers and “journalists” mean by their “perennial” sophistry is that I am a loser.  I wish they’d come out and say it.

George Bush may be destroying America, but he’s a winner.  I may be trying to set things right, but I’m a loser.  

Say it.  

Those who spring onto the scene with fame, money, power and success are winners.  The poor underdogs fighting for liberty and justice for all …are quite obviously losers.

This is fact.  Why can’t these shadow-dodging anklebiters just stand up straight and say what they mean?  Why can’t they boldly and honestly stand for their own principles (whatever they are) as if they really believe in something?

If they want me to quit, then why can’t they say so?  If they want to poke fun at me, then is it so hard to do it with some intelligence?  It’s not like there’s nothing to work with:

For twelve years I’ve stuck my neck on the block with political speaking, writing and campaigning.  I switched parties …twice.  In 2000 I had two million people vote against me in a single day.  I’ve gained so much weight I now have my own gravitational field that holds my cellphone in orbit just out of my reach.  I even grew a beard. 

And yet I hear little substantive criticism of me, my thoughts, my looks…I was instead called a “perennial candidate” on just my third attempt at public office!

What is that? 

If at first you don’t succeed…you’re a “perennial?”

Can’t these people find a better attack? 

Here’s something to play with:

Once again I’m going to go protest ungoverned government on July 4 at 10am at the Governor’s Mansion in Indy.  The last time we protested, we lost.  The politicians won.  That happens a lot.  Our government is ungoverned and this resulting anarchy is collapsing precisely because the myopic power-mad keep winning, and those who’d put them on a leash keep losing.

But in my serial, perennial, frequent and habitual fashion, I’m going to keep opposing those jerks.  I won’t be alone.

I have protested alone before.  I’ve protested with just a few.  In 2005 my July 4 protest gathered only about 25.  Last year, we had a lot more.

OK, we’ll probably lose again.  The “winners” will probably stick it to us even harder as this state and nation swirls down the drainpipes of history.  Our society will collapse with winners at the helm.  That’s how history works, you know.

But maybe we’ll not collapse just yet.  Maybe there is something to the notion of “persistence.”  And maybe there’s a corollary to “evil reigns when good people do nothing.”  Maybe when more people figure out what’s really happening, we’ll have enough people on our side that the losers will become the winners, which would make us all winners in justice.

But go ahead.  Call me a loser.  Call all of us embattled underdog protesters losers.  I won’t mind.  

I’ll be in the best company.

That is fact.


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  1. What these twenty something know-it-alls fail to realize is that winning is not the main objective. Educating a society of sheeple takes time, patience, and integrity. You’re one of the best “losers” I know, Andy, and I’m proud to offer you my whole hearted support. See you on Friday!

  2. Andy, without YOU and the valuable free education you gave to me last year, I would not understand the very root of the problem with American government is failure to obey THE RULE OF LAW.

    Because of you, I understand it enough to teach it to others.

    You are one of the most important people that ever stepped into my life. You are a winner in my book.

  3. Thanks, guys. You’re proof that I’ll be, indeed, in the best company.

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