Betcha Didn’t Know…

Did you know…

  • That most government spending is illegal?
  • That tax-funded schools are supposed to be identical/equal all across the state? 
  • That it’s illegal to take personal property tax for schools?
  • That justice is supposed to be tax-paid without any additional purchase?
  • That constitutional rights cannot be regulated?
  • That all Indiana politicians swear oaths to both Indiana and USA constitutions?
  • That politicians have only the powers specifically written into constitutions?
  • That only citizens can interpret constitutions, and only jurors can interpret laws?
  • That politicians must obey constitutions…as written?

Well, politicians certainly don’t want you to know these facts, but they’re all clearly written into the laws that protect you from politicians – the state and federal constitutions.

Why belabor the minor nuisances of corporate/political corruption, entrenched political powers, wild spending, shortsighted tax policy or even the “wasted vote” deceit that you’ll no doubt hear over and over again in this campaign?  These are all symptoms; not the disease itself. 

The disease is ungoverned government.  It’s the only anarchy that has ever existed – power without restraint.  And the solution is simple.  You must govern your government.

Fortunately, that’s simple.  You can simply vote for those who swear to honor their oaths of office “to support the Constitution of this State, and of the United States.” 

Unfortunately, all your neighbors don’t know what you now know, and it costs money to get their attention.  Even more unfortunately, the enemies of the simple, uniform justice written into our laws pay lots of money to get special deals.  They pay even more to deceive us.  Too few are willing to pay for a Fair Deal.

Please read through these Indiana Constitution excerpts, and consider what you can do to take back what’s yours by law.

Make checks payable to: Horning for Governor, 7851 Pleasant Hill Road, Freedom, IN 47431.



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