4 July Done Proper

Do you want to celebrate 4 July in a way that’d do our founders proud? 

It’s been a year since our national-news-making tax protest on the Governor’s lawn, and we’re worse off than ever.  Our politicians have strayed even further from the laws that protect us from them (the constitutions). 

So this time, we’re not going to be distracted by the tax policy sub-issue.  We’ll no longer nibble at the branches of the problem of lawbreaking lawmakers.  We’re not going to fuss over symptoms – we aim to cure the disease of ungoverned government.

We will demand Rule of Law under Constitutions.  We will demand that our politicians obey the constitutions, as written.  No “interpretations,” no ifs, ands or buts.

Same place as last year …the Governor’s Mansion on North Meridian in Indianapolis from around 10 to 11am.

Contact me at andrewhorning@hotmail.com if you’re interested in making history.  Again. 

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  1. Andy you are absolutely right. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to teach me what you have about our Constitution, history, and the rule of law.

    While I may have gathered people at that first protest, it was you and Sean Shepard that knew the solutions. In fact, it has been the Libertarians all along who have the answers.

    This year we’ll give the people the answer to their problem. Let’s hope and pray they have the wearwithall to take all of the action necessary for the People to truly govern their government.

    Thanks again for all you’ve taught me.

  2. Well thank YOU, Melyssa. You’re the organizer that I am not. We each have our talents, but if it weren’t for effective bring-em-together motivators like you, I’d be making my arguments to empty space.

  3. I must warn though. I’m going to have next to no patience for whining homeowners this year. They were spoon fed the solutions and failed to do what it takes. They expected us to do it for them.
    I’m angry. And there is only so long I’ll throw good money after bad.

  4. Hmmm… Anger is understandable, but dangerous. If I got angry in the face of every bold-face self-immolating and monumentally arrogant idiocy, I’d never smile again.
    We humans sin because we are sinners. Dealing with that requires patience and humility.
    You know I’ve been pretty angry at times, so I’m no one to preach from a high throne. But anybody in public prominence, whether as a king or as a loser like me, must have a thick skin and maybe a bit of laughing gas.

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