Government vs. You

Ordinarily, I’m very fussy about ensuring that only my own words come from me.  But my friends/ allies at came up with such a neat, concise summary on how, in the words of Harry Browne, that “Government doesn’t work” (and why we need to put a leash on it), that I’m stealing sharing another’s work here:

Subject: Government vs. You

In 1871 the city of Chicago burned to the ground. There was no FEMA or large federal funding to rebuild it. Instead, the people of Chicago rebuilt their own city and in short order it soared to new heights.

In 1906, after a major earthquake, the city of San Francisco also burned down. There was no FEMA or large federal funding to rebuild it. Instead, the people of San Francisco did it themselves and the city was soon restored.

In 2005 a large part of the city of New Orleans was destroyed when a levy, designed, built, and maintained by government, proved inadequate to protect against a hurricane that was far from the worst that could have struck the city. Private citizens and businesses such as Wal-Mart rushed to the city’s aid, but were largely blocked by federal officials. FEMA and large federal funding were there to rebuild the city, but today much of New Orleans still lies in ruins.

We see the evidence all around us, where government seeks to help, harm often follows. Education, food, energy, and medical care are all areas where the government alleges it helps you, but all are areas where prices are rising faster than in other sectors.

Government doesn’t work, because government has no incentive to succeed. Instead, government prospers by failing — constantly gaining new power and resources because of the crises it creates.  

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  1. For Andy Horning, We Declare, and the Libertarian Party of Indiana. I am Roberto Alvarez-Galloso of the Alvarez Galloso News Hour which is a bilingual blog in WordPress. We deal with Politics especially Libertarian Party Politics as well as Sports and Entertainment.

    I want to convey the message of the Libertarian Party including that of Indiana by inviting you to be interviewed by my blog. My E Mail Address is From One Midwesterner [I was born in Ohio] to a neighboring Hoosier, I have established a link with you and hope to be able to use material from the Libertarian Party of Indiana to talk about your candidacy. Thank You.

  2. Dear Mr. Alvarez-Galloso,

    Thank you! Of course I’d be delighted to take you up on your offer of an interview. Please email me a few times/dates that’d be convenient for you, and we’ll do it.

    I’ve emailed you my contact info.

    Liberty or Bust!

    Andy Horning

  3. Dear Mr. Horning:

    I have just E Mailed you my questions. Please feel free to take the time to answer them and then E Mail me with the questions and answers so that it could be published in my blog.

    I have also endorsed your campaign in my E Mail so that you could use my blog as a link.

    In Liberty!!!

    Liberty or Bust!!!

    Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso

    The Alvarez Galloso News Hour

  4. will do! Thanks!
    I’m traveling on business right now, but I’ll get to it as soon as possible.

  5. Thanks for participating. I sent some links by E Mail.

  6. decorate says : I absolutely agree with this !

  7. Dear Mr. Horning:

    Just to inform you that I am promoting your candidacy as well as Barr and Root in my blog. I invite Libertarians in Indiana and the rest of America to read my articles pertaining to the 2008 Elections.

    In Liberty

    Roberto C. Alvarez Galloso
    The Alvarez Galloso News Hour

    PS: I am also promoting the Libertarian Principles in Spanish with the intent of converting the Spanish Speaking World to the great concept of Libertarianism. This is based on my theory that people immigrate from the USA because of bad government elsewhere. If I could convert many people to the ideas of Libertarianism, it could resolve the majority of our problems.

  8. You’re absolutely right about immigration/emigration. It’s no easy thing to pick up your life and move it; you’ve got to be either very rich, or very desperate to consider it.

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