Truth in advertising?

OK, I’ve admitted it before, and I’ll ‘fess up again.  Almost all of the pictures of me out there are pretty old.  I don’t look like so much my old campaign photos anymore.  So, while this has nothing to do with constitutional Rule of Law, and in response for requests for a more recent photo, here’s what I think is a good photo of me:

I\'ve always wanted a tractor...



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  1. High points for actually driving the tractor.

    The photo would look more gubernatorial if people could see that you were wearing a flannel shirt. A couple rolls of the sleeves seems to be important, though I’m not sure how you’d do with with coveralls. Guess that’s the value of a high-dollar image consultant.

    You’ll garner some strength I hope knowing our 10yo daughter, having seen the deluge of glossy political ads, has been asking about the role of government and politicians. Your campaign provides tangible answers. Is it too much to hope it will give us a good governor? Thanks.

  2. Thanks!
    I’m thinking about going the other direction with photo-ops though; maybe I’ll wear a suit while plunging the front-loader into a pile of, well …something agricultural. That would be a better political analogy than the usual “I have a degree in law, but I know farming too” nonsense, I think.

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