Freedom; it’s better than it sounds?

Well, predictably, the major media pundits are again beating the anti-gun drum.  Just a quick note on that:

If our laws worked as intended, then gun laws would work.  Of course, drug laws would work too.  In fact, we’d have no more lying, stealing, murder, war or politics if not for the inconvenient truth that humans are a bunch of sinners.

But it’s now unequivocal that crime and gun restrictions are proportional (see Indiana Policy Review, Spring 2007, and John Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime.”).  There are no shooting sprees at gun shows.  Shootouts happen in “gun free zones” for the head-slapping-obvious reason that a shooter wouldn’t last a half-second where people are heavily armed and trained.  And armed police can’t respond fast enough to be wherever the next nut job pulls out a gun and starts spraying.   

I hate to even think about guns in sinners’ hands.  I’ve personally never “packed heat” because I fear accidents from my own ineptitude/lack of training.  But what’s worse is the collective madness American voters now display in policies related to guns, drugs, economics, “gay marriage” and, of course, “national security.”  We chant nonsense like mantras and never question whether our policies are working, or, as is easily observed, driving us to failure and our human default state of ungoverned oppression.

I hate to be negative, but now is most definitely a time in our history when we should question authority…and doubt the answers.

If I can articulate one thing and one thing only in my campaign to be Indiana’s next Governor, it’s that Liberty Works…better than anything else ever tried.


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