Oh, just quit it.

This isn’t a blog.  It is just a quick note; so I’m not going back on my promise not to blog anymore:

Presidents do not “age” any more than anybody else does.  In fact it’s typically the opposite to the degree that wealth and power make for better healthcare.

Since GWB started leading us over the precipice, I’ve aged a whole lot more than he has.  Everybody I know has aged at least 8 years in the last 8 years, and GWB looks just fine.

He’s a little more gray; I’m a lot more gray.

So quit feeling sorry about the stress and pressure of presidency.  You should worry more about your neighbor.

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  1. Hey, Andy, I’ll be in Indy today lobbying my legislators to support all of the pro-2A bills that are on tap for this session. I’m also going to ask them to support Sen. Tom Weatherwax’s bill re: public bidding. I still need to share details of THAT scandal with you, but you know how it is, activists are always too busy to get everything finished that they intend to.

    Oh, and btw, thanks for “not blogging”. I enjoyed it very much. : )

  2. thanks all around!

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