Lights, camera…

Senator Mike Delph is a good man.  And he’s got a much cooler head than I do.  The letter he hand carried to the governor today is much more politically prudent than was my cold-burning December dithyramb. 

I started my letter with an “I don’t blame you…” while he started his with “I want to congratulate you…”


Dang.  When will I learn?

Anyway, for some time now, Mike has been a friend of smaller, more governed government, and today’s press release confirms that he’s on our side. 

But I don’t suppose I need to tell you that such people are not in the majority; not in the GOP, certainly.

So here’s what we need to do:

Next Tuesday, 8 January 2008, we need to descend upon the Statehouse.  I don’t know for sure when they’ll adjourn (maybe around 2pm?), but immediately thereafter, Senator Long is holding a committee meeting to consider Senate Joint Resolution 8 authored by Brent Waltz; a constitutional amendment to eliminate Article 10, Section 1…Indiana’s Property Tax.  This public hearing (public comments possible) will be in Room 431.

Nuff said?

Special Addendum January 3:  Yes, I’ve already heard from some people that Eric Miller will be there, and that they do not care for that man.  Get over it.  You may disagree with Eric on some things (so do I), but he’s been honestly against Indiana’s property tax scheme for many years.  He’s shown no duplicity or wavering in this at all.  If we can’t drop our prejudices and join with hardworking, effective people like Eric at times like this when it really matters, then we’re a bunch of nitwits who deserve what our politicians do to us.

Besides, you don’t want him to get all the credit if Article 10:1 gets killed, do you?  C’mon, let’s do this.



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  2. 2 pm from what I’ve heard

    dithyramb? Love your vocabulary!!

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