Enough talk…

This is my final blog.  Not that I spent much time on blogging (or that I was particularly good at it), but I will not blog anymore.  I will not read blogs anymore.  In fact, I wish you wouldn’t either. 

It’s time to act.

What more do we need to say, hear or read?

Our founders bequeathed us peace and freedom by way of liberty and justice for all; and we’ve thrown it all away.  All of it.

It is gone and the illusion that’s left is fading fast.

If you want back what is ours by law, it’s time to act.  If you and your neighbors don’t want it back enough to act, then it’s time to go the way of all foolish nations and learn to live oppressed.  That is what’s coming, you know.

If I’m to write anything more in this space, it will be to announce actions.


We need to demand that our politicians stay on their side of the fence, obey their laws, keep their leash on themselves – and off of us.  We need our politicians to obey written constitutions as written, and we can’t expect them to do that without our incessant, urgent and forceful action.

And don’t think that Ron Paul is going to save us either.  If we don’t get off our duffs and do something, then even President Paul’s victory would result in only another assassinated president.

No more talk.  You don’t need any more information than you’ve already got in your tax bill, and in any history book ever written.

There.  I’ve said my bit.  I’m going to go and do something now.  If you’d like to join me, let me know.


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  1. NO MORE BLOG?!!! I just found this site and bookmarked it. I found it to be very encouraging and educational. I wish you’d reconsider. Please?!

  2. Thanks Diana, I really do appreciate that. But I don’t have much time and I don’t see the point of blogging right now. There is so much to do, there are so few people to do it, and our situation has become so dire that I feel that whatever life I have left must be spent in the actual fight for liberty and justice.

  3. I’ve already made an appointment with my state legislator. My plan is to deliver a petition full of names in support of the pending pro-2nd amendment bills. Your blog has been a real encouragement to activists and I hope you reconsider. I view your blogging efforts as fighting for liberty and justice. Your thoughtful posts are educational and they cause potential activists to think rationally about issues. Thanks again for all you do.

  4. Hmmm. That was a very fine retort. Hmmm.
    I thank YOU for what you’re doing!

  5. Andrew,
    I agree with Diana _and_ with you; it IS time for action, but words are part of that action. Your voice and those of those people you influence in person are all well and good, but how many more do you reach and convince to raise their voices as well by showing them what is happening and by showing the facts, raising their outrage?
    I view it akin to flying commercial, when you used to actually get food onboard- There you are, eating your meal, and it’s OK-you’re getting something, and you’re content with it, even satisfied-until you happen to look up through the curtain and see the people in 1st class who were served steak and potatoes, a glass of (complimentary) wine, comfortable seats.. And suddenly, what you have is not satisfactory anymore.

    First class, in the analogy, can be either the citizens of America as it once was or could be the Congress who write laws (excluding themselves from the ill effects of enforcement of those laws). The niceties of first class are the rights to which we all are entitled by birth, and the pitiful excuse for a meal, tiny seat, and paid-for beverage are what is left to us, the American citizens in coach. You, sir, are the one pulling back the curtain and showing people what they could have, and have the ability to move them to action to demand it.

    Obviously, the analogy isn’t perfect- inciting a riot on a plane is not a good idea, and too, the passengers in first class did pay extra to have the niceties and comfort they have there- but rights should not only pertain to those who can afford to buy them.

    Keep blogging when you can, please. I’ll stand with you.

  6. Allright allright allright.
    Thank you. Your support is much appreciated.
    I’ve not spent much time at this anyway. Perhaps I’ll jot a few notes now and then.

  7. Action or blogging?

    Does it have to be either/or?

    Can it not be both?

  8. Both please.

  9. I’ve got so little time that I must sacrifice one to do the other. My best day on this blog is only a hundred readers (who mostly seem to agree with me already), so it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep writing for this when I should direct my efforts elsewhere.
    I’m going to go write a piece for Indiana Policy Review, try to get some audio recorded, and see if I can help get a Libertarian elected in Indiana’s 7th CD. After that, I may write a little.
    Fair enough?

  10. Granted, time is a valuable commodity.

    Writing for IPR is wise investment of that commodity.

    The 7th CD is what I call a “congressional ghetto,” a district drawn expressly to encapsulate Democrats. The partisan voting index is D9. (How do you plan to convince the 29.4 percent black population to vote for a non-Democrat?)

    Do you really believe that is a wise investment of your time?

    Counted among the costliest mistakes of my mediocre life was investing time in a state senate race in 2006. With deference to the wonderful people who comprise the LPIN, there are occasional goofballs (polite term) who manage to worm their ways into leadership roles. Entrusting one’s time, talent and reputation to such folks is not wise.

    I’m currently investing my time producing a monthly newspaper and website for a conservative group in exchange for a pat on the head which is preferred to the kick in the

  11. A kick in the what?
    I’m certainly not running in the 7th, and I may not do much, or even anything at all.
    I was just suggesting, perhaps in a overly hyperexaggerated way, that even a political contest is more important than is blogging.
    OK, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe nothing is less important than political contests…

  12. I don’t think the 7th will be a contest.

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