Mitch’s Tax Plan?

While I’ve talked about it plenty, it just occurred to me that I’d never written down what I think of the Governor’s tax plan.  And that should be a very easy thing to do…

First, I never, ever said that simply eliminating property tax and replacing it with sales tax would solve any serious problems.  This was misreporting by the media and misinterpretation by a lot of people.  Simply changing tax policy, or swapping one tax for another only moves numbers around.  It solves nothing – especially in the long run.  …And especially considering the web-work of “federal”/state tax rules (corporate status, speech rights, tax “deductions,” etc.) that have made us all serfs, we can’t eliminate one tax up front without taking another tax in the, um…well…somewhere else.

All taxes are a kind of property tax.  Government seizes your income (money), sales (money) or property tax (money) in differing ways but the same ultimate effect.  And if you don’t pay, and aren’t rich/powerful enough to fight back, the government will take more of your property. 

People lose homes to income tax too, y’know.

Though Indiana’s implementation of property tax is awful, the problem isn’t just tax policy; the problem is un-governed government – or power without limits written down in law.  Our politicians are breaking the laws that authorize their powers, and that is what has lead to outrageous spending, and of course, destructive taxation.

Governor Daniels’ proposal does push school funding an infinitesimal fraction closer to what is mandated by the Indiana Constitution (just an itty-bitty, truly tiny fraction).  But other than that, his proposal protects only the governments’ treasury, not citizens’ rights and property.   He shuffles around numbers and leaves untouched the illegal practice of stealing homes to sate political greed.  

There is only one solution to our mess, and that is to lasso our politicians back under law.  In Indiana, that law is both the Indiana Constitution, and the Constitution of the United States of America.  In Indiana, all of our elected officials, police and armed forces swear an oath to uphold both; and it’s time they Just Do It.


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