Every day, in every airport in this country, everybody gets searched without a warrant.  Property is often seized without any warrant.  You can argue whether that’s a good thing or not; but it’s pretty easy to see that the Constitution was never amended to make it legal. 

It is very specifically and clearly illegal, in fact, for government to do this to us.

Every day, people are denied their freedom of speech in pulpits, in areas not designated as “free speech zones,” in political campaigns, in private activities related to political campaigns, in business, and, of course, in airports. 

Of course there are “reasons” it happened; but the Constitution was never amended to make this legal, either.  This is also very specifically and clearly illegal by the well-understood words of the Constitution for the United States.

Every day, flak-jacketed cops arrest, and even kill people for “crimes” that don’t exist in any constitution anywhere in this nation.  Most of the authority our “authorities” wield to kill, imprison, fine and seize was never authorized by any constitution; and it’s therefore, by definition, unauthorized, unconstitutional and illegal.

So, in clear violation of law, but by obvious practice by armed agents of our politicians, you have have been denied freedom of speech, religion, assembly, petition, due process, property, and self defense.  You have no freedoms at all, really.  You have only illusions that last for only as long as our politicians feel charitable, and for as long as whatever liberties they allow just don’t matter to them.
So maybe the argument is that freedom is a bad thing and that authoritarian rule is safer and better?

But now “The Land of The Free” has the world’s highest percentage of citizens in prison, and most “felons” got there by coerced plea.  No nation has ever been so monitored, wiretapped and regulated in every area from the things you consume (or, mostly can’t consume), what you can learn and from whom, health options, what you can do, say, and with whom you can associate…or refuse to associate.

…You still think it’s possible or smart to give up liberty for security? 


We still call Wahhabi Saudis our allies; and we don’t worry about all the nations who’ve threatened us with nuclear missiles proven capable of reaching us.  Our borders are still wide open to crooks, and our crime rates are a hundred times higher now than in 1900, when citizens could own machine guns without a license.  

We had far more liberty, and security, when Russia had spies and agents everywhere in our country, and had a thousand warheads pointed right at our heads.

And, of course, the remaining freedoms we’re still giving away were earned by uppity, self-reliant colonists in an unconquered land; with the world’s superpower breathing down their neck and about to burn down Washington, D.C.

Those people knew the price and value of liberty.

Freedom is security.  It always has been.  Giving it away is self-destruction.

So …when are we going to wake up? 

If you’re reading this, I’m betting that you’re not the problem. 

But when are your neighbors going to change the way they vote?

What will it take?  What can we still afford to lose?

There is hope in the unassuming form of Ron Paul.  Of all major party presidential candidates currently running, he’s the only one who’d honor the Oath of Office.  He’s the only one, in fact, running for the constitutional office of President of the United States of America.  He’s the only one who’d be the “cop of the constitution” that is not only badly needed now, but is, after all, what the job is supposed to be all about.

He’s the only one.

But you’d better get off your duff and support him right now. 

Because all those who oppose your rights oppose his candidacy.

You have easy choices now. 

What comes next may be a whole lot harder.


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