…Who’s a Pacifist?

Nobody likes a pacifist, apparently.  

We’ve not had a year’s peace since “The War to End All Wars” precisely because we imprison, beat, humiliate and shun pacifists, and we vote for those most likely to get us killed in a glorious fanfare of trumpets, flags and blazing guns.  

Of course, The United States of America was at its peak in rising rates of innovation, wealth, leisure time, time spent with children, home ownership, life expectancy and even height during that generation of peace between The War Between the States and the Spanish American War; but who needs all that ever-upward stuff? 

We love war, and hate those who oppose it.  War is romantic and makes good movies.  Peace is dull.  OK.  Fine.  I don’t want to be a sissy and suggest that war is a bad thing.

But may I be so bold as to redefine our enemy?

Sure, that handful of guys armed with boxcutters and exploding shoes were our enemies; just as any thug, carjacker or burglar is an enemy.

But who can not only kill people, but can kill millions…and even wipe out any record that Mr/Ms so-and-so ever existed?  Who not only takes your money, but your home, too?  Who does fatal, gruesome medical tests on people without their consent?  Who wields unchallenged power over every aspect of your health, education and welfare?  Who slurps up this power with smiles, lies, yard signs, transparent corruption and abuse?  Who, with impunity, breaks every law (who else can break the constitution’s terms?), every moral code, every little item of decency as a matter of course?  And who has lied and schemed (here too) to get us into wars?

Who, in other words, does more harm to you, your life and your children’s future?  



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