Am I asking so much?

I’m going to work in a Canadian hospital for the rest of the week.  So I may be a bit incommunicado for a while.  But I’d like to restate what I think is a reasonable request: I want politicians to obey written laws, as written.  No “interpretation” from the bench; no “legal precedents;” no ifs, ands or buts.  If a law is unclear, politicians can clarify it in print.  If a law is bad, then they can change it, or delete it, in print.    But I want no more fudging or cheating.  I want politicians to obey what’s written, as written.

In other words, I want the Rule of Law under constitutions, right here in the USA, that we say we’re fighting for in Iraq. 

That’s it.  That’s what I want. 

Yes, I know.  Constitutions are called “outdated,” as if their words can’t be changed.  Constitutions are called “living documents,” as if that somehow means that the words shouldn’t mean anything.  

Of course it’s no surprise that politicians say such things.  Constitutions protect us from politicians, after all, and politicians want no such protections…

But I see a much bigger problem.  It’s the real reason why I’m appealing to you…as a citizen. 

You see, we never even ask politicians to obey written laws as written because we have our own reasons to twist and stretch and cheat the law.  For example, how many of us support free speech from the first amendment, yet go apoplectic against the freedom to bear arms from the second?  And how many of us want to carry guns in public, but would never allow anybody the freedom to smoke pot, in private?  And I know some who’d like the freedom to smoke pot, but would ban other people’s rights to trans-fats, or religious expression, or huge profits and unusual wealth.  Most who support abortion oppose the death penalty, while an awful lot of those who want to nuke the Middle East without even a declaration of war say that they’re pro-life…

All of the preceding is unconstitutional, or worse…it’s dysconstitutional. 

Every day now, Democrats wield only parts of the constitution against Republicans, and Republicans invoke other parts against Democrats.  Republicans will call certain parts obsolete while Democrats argue that it’s the other parts that need to go.  Nobody, it seems, allows that the whole constitution is both the best compromise ever, and the law.

Politicians will never be any more sensible than we are; and we’ve been acting like fascists.

Could we please just live in peace, prosperity and justice instead?…Please?

I propose we demand compliance with the world’s best written laws, as written, from both our politicians, and ourselves, by, say, 2012.  That’s plenty of time, and we don’t want to waste too much more of that.

So I’m asking you to call, write, picket or otherwise inform our politicians that we’ve learned our lesson and are ready to behave like adults.  That means that we enjoy the blessings of liberty – by allowing others theirs, too.

Would this be so terrible?  Am I asking too much?


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