Ron Paul ballot/delegate push!

Dear friends of liberty,

I need some patriots in Indiana who’ll commit to helping Ron Paul get on the ballot in Indiana, and to getting delegates to the GOP nominating convention.

All of us have other commitments, of course, so I’m hoping to spread the load out as broadly as possible.  So I need at least a couple of people (preferably a thousand) in each congressional district who’ll commit to doing whatever is necessary to get’r done.

I’m not sure about all the technicalities here, but I think we need only 500 signatures per district for ballot access (which means we collect more than 500 to make sure).

Please contact me directly as soon as possible.

I’ll be out of the country on business from Tuesday through Friday next week, but my cell should work, and email’s always good.

 Andrew Horning, RDCS

Cell: (812) 585 0504

Skype: andyhorning   


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