An Interesting Exercise. Or two.

I’ll not give you any links, because I think this is a quick and easy search, and I don’t want you to think I’m unfairly prearranging an outcome:

  1. Look up the meaning and practice of fascism; only, don’t use the words of enemies, look up what fascists said about themselves.  Mussolini coined the term “fascism,” and he wrote an awful lot on the subject.
  2. Look up socialism/communism by the same rules.  Look up what Marx and Engels said.  Look up Friendly American Socialists like Eugene Debs. 
  3. Now, consider what you know of your own government and make a list of differences.

…Is this last part hard?  Does number 3 make you say thing like, “well…” “ummm…” and “you just can’t compare what’s happening today with…”??


Optional, extra credit exercise:

  1. Think about all the areas in which you believe government really does need to play a part.  Examples may be road-building, schools, national defense.
  2. Now, replace the word “government” with “corrupt lifelong politicians who also happen to be ignorant,” and think about number 1 again.

Have a nice day!


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  1. You’re starting to sound like me on the extra credit exercise, at least if you apply it to immigration controls 🙂

  2. Touché

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