Utterly LOST

Just to refresh your memory, you didn’t vote for anybody in the UN.  You never will vote for a UN member because you can’t.  You have no control over those people at all.  No citizens anywhere in the world do. 

While inside the UN building they may argue that they are a democratic global government, the UN is a totally undemocratic force overwhelmingly comprised of totalitarian nations.

It’s as corrupt, destructive and foolish as you’d expect from any such body of unregulated power.

Out of the 53 nations on the Human Rights Commission, 16 are known for systematic slavery.  The UN has been worse than worthless in any major crisis in the years since its creation…years marked, by the way, by more wars, more genocides, more trouble of almost any sort, than before it was heaved into life.

Forget the silly little caprices like the Food for Oil scandal.  The UN promotes oppression and death to a degree that makes its looting and food fights in the UN building (No, really…read this) seem like wholesome, intelligent fun.

Well, what are these violent evil fools up to now?

It’s called, very appropriately and perhaps even as a sick joke, “LOST,” for Law Of the Sea Treaty.  And what it is should alarm you out of your citizen snooze and make you get all 1776.

Basically, LOST is the UN taking control of the oceans.  All ocean-touching commerce, security, communication, the works, will be under the control of third-rate Napoleons that answer to nobody and get their money from you…without asking.

Of course global socialists like Lugar and Bayh support this, so you need to vigorously express your displeasure to them.

You have two weeks.

Just two weeks.

Get on the phone.  Phone is better than email or fax.  Click on the links above to get all the contact info on each of those life-long politicians, and let them know that you’ll retire them if they don’t pull back from LOST.


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