The Greatest Generation? …A Hundred Years Ago

One hundred years ago, an ordinary citizen could, without license, approval or red tape, own a water-cooled heavy machine gun.  A hundred years ago, somebody could start a business by just going to work at it and telling everybody you know.  In fact, a hundred years ago there were more minority businessmen, scientists, capitalists and farmers than there are today.  (…Seriously.  I’m not making that up.  Hoosiers should know that the first female millionaire was Madame Walker, a black woman)

A hundred years ago there was no income tax, no “federal” programs, no undeclared wars, and practically no restrictions of any kind on what citizens could drink, eat, say or do.

Today, our central planners decide how much water a toilet can flush.  They regulate our “rights” to religion, speech, press, assembly, petition in literally thousands of ways.  They tell you whether you can start a business, or not.  They tax you for everything in such an insidious, hidden way that you don’t even notice that over half of what you do, you do for politicians.

This is sick.  This is stupid.  This cannot last and it will die; either by planning and considered replacement, or to our slack-jaw horror as this nation is squashed under the juggernaut of our own incessant, invariable and stupid history.

I hate that we’re failing.  I hate that so few see it.  I hate that I am unable to do much about it.

You, however…you could turn this around.  The collective “us” can easily fix all that’s wrong and get the government we had a hundred years ago (still the newest thing ever) with all the technology of today.

We just need to ask.  …And then demand.

We must never again waste our votes on the criminals currently stealing us blind.  We must vote only for those who’d obey the written constitutions as written. 

Is that so hard?


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