A thought for to-day

If I, an ordinary citizen, were to write a law, would you have to obey it?  

Of course not.   Certainly not.

Now, if a policeman, sworn to uphold the law, were to write a law, would you have to obey it?

Well, this is a little hazier if his hand is on his gun, right?  But theoretically, no, you’d not have to obey any law that’s not written by a lawmaker. 

If a cop writes a law and makes you obey it, he’s a criminal cop, right?  If I write a law and make you obey it, I’m a criminal citizen.  In fact, if a judge writes a law, we all know that’s illegal, though we never do anything about “activist judges.”  

Hmmm…that will be another post on another day.

Anyway, we all know that only lawmakers should write laws.

But what makes a lawmaker?  What makes it legal to write laws?

The state and federal constitutions are very clear in this.  Only those who uphold the constitutions that created their jobs and empower them in the first place are authorized (by authority of constitutions) to write laws.  The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1799 reinforced this in a very nearly Second Revolution kind of way.

Constitutions are contracts, you know.

So when lawmakers throw aside constitutions, they are no longer authorized by any authority to make laws.  If they abrogate the constitutions that give them power, then they’ve abrogated their power.

In still other words – words that seem far more 1799 than 2007, perhaps – when lawmakers break the laws that protect us from them, we’re no longer bound to the laws that protect them, from us.

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