Public Service Message:

As much as we may dream it, there is, sadly, no such thing as anarchy.   Somebody always leads, and most of us always follow…typically to destruction, and typically with  the trumpets and banners of patriotism.

There is no true anarchy. Mankind has never, ever, ever suffered a lack of rules. There are always plenty of those for citizens.

The fear of anarchy is a red herring shoved down your throat by archists; the rulers.  They tell you how much they’re needed, and they warn you about the bedlam that will ensue without their constant, loving, trustworthy care.

And we fall for it every time.

So, sorry; there is no anarchy possible.

However, there is hope in the perennially-attacked (by politicians), always mis-taught, and therefore almost completely misunderstood Rule of Law.

“Rule of Law” is NOT about stop signs, taxes and anti-smoking laws for citizens while rulers wallow and frolic in absolute power.   It’s easy to make citizens obey laws, and there are always laws that apply to citizens. What’s hard is making politicians obey laws.

Rule of Law is the opposite of Rule of Tyrants, Rule of Politicians, Rule of Whim.   Rule of Law is more about politicians, in fact, than about us; with the only excepting being that ROL works best for everybody.

Civilizations thrive with ROL, and they die without it.   Look it up. From Urukagena and Hammurabi to the Magna Charta and our own Constitution for the United States – society works best with its bad-dog politicians on a leash!

So isn’t it time we put our politicians on one at last?


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  1. Don’t forget the muzzle.

  2. Oh yeah. I can’t believe I forgot that…

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