A little perspective, maybe?

We all know that 911 should have been a wake-up call.  We apparently can’t agree, however, on what “waking up” actually entails. 

I say it should be recognition of an ancient, repetitious and invariable fact: Political government doesn’t work.

But instead of awakening to a refreshed and healthy mistrust of politicians, we’ve gone all twitterpated in love with our politicians.  We now trust them with everything; and to a degree never before seen on earth.  That will be fatal if we don’t snap out of it quick.

So as a public service, I’m posing a few perspective questions to ponder and share with friends:

  1. Are box-cutters more dangerous than nukes?  When the USSR had a thousand multi-megaton nuclear devices fueled up and ready to launch at us, ten-year-old kids had firearms and we were proud of our liberties.    But we gutted the last of our freedoms (we have only illusions now) when we were told that we got sucker punched by a handful of zealots armed with only box-cutters…  I’m not so sure I believe the official story on this, but that’s another matter.
  2. What are we afraid will happen to us?  We’re spending a gazillion dollars sending planes, ships, people and supplies overseas to beat some people up, and we’re not doing so well.  It’s hard to cross an ocean and make people submit to us.  Don’t you think it’d be even harder for an amorphous mob of fanatics to organize a serious threat to the USA?
  3. Don’t political interventions always make things worse?  WWI caused the spread of socialism/fascism/communism/corporatism, which caused WWII, the Korean conflict, Vietnam…  We’ve not had a year’s peace since the Spanish American War, you know.  We helped create Iraq in 1920, and it never, ever works to fiddle around with other countries.  You know that, right?
  4. Don’t we have other things to worry about?  Our dollar is worth 4 cents, the world is primed for a pandemic of hostilities and economic woes that no American has ever endured, and in less than a year I’m betting you’ll be very sorry we’ve been fooling around in other countries when our economy gets sucker punched.  There are lots of nations that have nuclear weapons; several can lob nukes around the world.  But our biggest fears should be reserved for the dangers within our own government.  That is, after all, where trouble always starts and ends.  Are we still worried about box cutters and exploding shoes?

I certainly don’t mean to denigrate the suffering of those who lost loved ones on 9/11.  But it happened because our government screwed up; and we’re letting our government make things much, much worse.  There should be a point at which we say enough’s enough, right?

Most of us understand, at least at some level, that the USA had the greatest socioeconomic system in the world a hundred years ago.  But that was the Old Deal.  We’re living with an ever-devolving New Deal, which happens to be an awful lot like all the ancient oppressions…

Wake up.  You can’t hit snooze again.  Time’s up.  We must act now.

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