The Plan

We can’t expect to get what we’ve never even asked for.  And we have never even suggested that our politicians should obey written laws, as written.  We’ve never expected them to hold themselves to any limits at all, let alone written laws simply as written and intended.

We know that you and I can’t get away with “interpreting” speed limits or income tax rules, but we somehow think it’s OK that politicians “interpret” our rights away.

What’re we thinking?

Well, enough’s enough.  We’ve seen the light, right?

Constitutions were most definitely meant to be obeyed as written.  If something’s unclear, politicians can clarify them by amendment.  If politicians don’t like the constitutions at all they can legally scrap them and write new ones. 

So what we intend to do is very simple, though it’s never been done before in the USA at the individual/citizen level.  It had been done once by state governments (the Kentucky Resolution and Virginia Resolution of 1799), but not by anybody since:

Basically, we’re taking the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, as they’re written, to every branch of federal government, particularly the Supreme Court, to demand that our leaders simply obey written law as written. 

That’s it. 

We demand that our government become legit.  The only real issues to resolve are:

1. What first?  I suggest we start with the Indiana Common School system.  It’s badly broken, as you know.  But you may not know that the law would fix it.

2. By when?  I am open to 2012 as the target date for total compliance with the law at both state and federal levels.  That gives us a couple of election cycles and more than enough time.  My only concern is that it’s giving politicians too much time…

How about 2010?

Let’s Just Do It.


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  1. Andy,

    We need to review changes made in New Zealand as a model for government reform.

  2. Andy,

    There is an organization called Give Me founded and chaired by Mr. Bob Shultz from up-state New York that IS petitioning our government for redress of grievances.

    Our 1st Amendment, last 10 words, is based on the Magna Carta (all info available on website). We have a plan to hold our representatives accountable. Might we consider working together, as we presently seem to be working in the same direction?

    The power is in the numbers!!!

  3. Sure I’d like to work together. I wrote a column about Mr Shultz and his organization several years ago. This is what I’ve been all about since 1996. See for what I tried starting about six years ago (and got nowhere). I’ll try everything I can, and work with anyone for liberty and justice for all.

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